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The Immigration Rules for the categories below are becoming increasingly complex and frequently change. Seemingly simple applications can often prove to be far more complex so we strongly advise you consult an expert before attempting these applications yourself. We frequently see cases where costly mistakes have been made either by people attempting applications themselves or by inexperienced representatives. Such mistakes are not just costly but in some cases may destroy the possibility of getting a visa in the future.

The safest and normally most cost effective option is to allow an experienced specialist immigration lawyer to make the application on your behalf.


In most cases we recommend a consultation. This provides us with a clear understanding of your case and allows us to assess options and probability of a successful outcome. A consultation will provide you with an understanding of the basis of your case, the relevant rules, the process, and likely costs. Following a consultation, you should have a good understanding of options available to you and all your questions should have been answered. Our clients have often advised that they left the consultation feeling less stressed and with a clear understanding.

We conduct consultations in person at our office, by telephone or video. We also offer consultation advice in writing. Our fee for consultation will depend on the nature of your enquiry and the estimated time to be spent. Our fee will be made clear from the outset.

We conduct most consultations at our office. Should you not be able to attend our office we can arrange a consultation by phone, skype or email.

The consultation will be conducted by a registered consultant.

Corporate Services

UK Immigration Services provides comprehensive UK immigration solutions to Employers and their non-EU Employees in the UK and Worldwide.

Employers who wish to employ a migrant worker from outside the EU may only do so if that worker already has unrestricted permission to work in the UK. Permission can be identified by viewing their passport or Biometric Residence Permit. If they do not have permission to work in the UK then the employer must obtain a Sponsor Licence.

In November 2008 the UK Border Agency introduced a Points Based System (PBS) for assessing all workers from outside the EEA wishing to work in the UK. However the restrictions on who can now work in the UK are a great deal more complex and it is therefore suggested that you seek expert advice in order to comply with the UK immigration rules.

We can provide a number of services as described below to help identify and implement the optimum approach for your company and your employees.