Priti Patel and the “Vindaloo” visa

A very basic change to the Immigration Rules, which normally would receive little attention in the Media, received a bit more coverage than usual when home secretary Priti Patel announced the introduction of “vindaloo visas” to save the nation’s curry houses. From 6th October 2019, restaurants which provide takeaway services will be allowed to recruit non-EEA (European Economic Area) chefs under a Tier 2 visa. Chefs join architects, engineers and nurses on the shortage occupation list. The plight of Indian…

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British government policy on asylum seekers

Asylum seekers could bring an additional £42.4m to the economy if they were allowed to work – a move that is overwhelmingly backed by the British public, a new study shows. Under current rules, people seeking asylum are prevented from working while their claims are being processed. The Home Office aims to deliver decisions within six months, but almost half wait for more than six months, with some waiting years. Asylum seekers can only apply for permission to work if…

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New Home Office visa application system

Until November 2018, in-country visa applications were made directly to the Home Office. These applications were either made by post or, in some cases, could be made in person at various UKVI offices throughout the United Kingdom. Since then the in-country visa application service has been outsourced to French firm Sopra Steria. In most cases, paper forms have been abolished and applications are made online. The online forms are not user-friendly and contain a myriad of extra questions which never…

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