The cost of citizen applications for children

For many non British children who have grown up in the United Kingdom, the route to obtaining citizenship can take up to ten years and costs more than £10,000. For those who already qualify to apply for citizenship, the cost of this application is now £1,012. Since 2014 the cost of citizenship applications for children has risen from £670 to £1,012 and children under 18 must pay this fee just to apply. The fee is non-refundable and success is not…

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Overseas applications for UK visas

A recent report in The Independent newspaper states that the Home Office has increased its profit on UK visa applications by millions of pounds a week since outsourcing visa operations to a Dubai-based firm that has been the subject of many complaints. VFS, which has its headquarters in the UAE but is owned through holding companies in Jersey, the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg, faces claims of “gross maladministration” and “aggressive” selling of optional services since taking the UK government contract…

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The New Home Secretary

The new home secretary, Priti Patel, received a rapturous reception at the Conservative Party conference in October when she triumphantly announced Tory plans to end free movement of people. She declared that, as a daughter of immigrants, she needed no lectures from the "north London metropolitan liberal elite" to say otherwise. Yet she has bought into, and now sells on, two great lies. Patel buys into and sells the idea that freedom of movement of people is something to be…

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